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Öppen Scen 21 Nov

Välkomna på Öppen scen onsdag 21 Nov, 18-20.00
Publik i alla åldrar välkomna!

Vi får besök av nystartade bandet Alec & Garfield.

The Alec & Garfield HiStory
One day, Alec went over to Garfields to hangout. Garfield, age 9, had randomly ’found’ wood and rusty ol’ nine inch nails in a garage and made two “guitars” out of it. He proudly presented one of them to Alec who was thoroughly impressed. To give them an even more aesthetic look, Garfield insisted on spraying them with flashing green and silver hairspray he had stolen from his sister. Instead of playing war or hockey out on the streets, they would now blast punk rock in the basement cranked up all the way through a set of broken speakers, jumping all over the place.

”I remember how we pretended to play on massive stages with thousands of people in front of us, watching and loving it, dancing with us”.

They both agreed those splintered pieces of wood were the best toys they had ever owned. They weren’t bought or made by anyone else, they were simply just being themself, yet they set out to create a dream for two young knacks. Time passed, both started playing on real instruments, formed a middle school band and played tons of punk.

”We were now writing much more melodic and easy accessable songs, my guitar sweetly accompanied by Garfields lyrics as some sort of starting point. We worked hard, long hours and late nights, to invest in better gear and started spending more time on advancing in song-writing and mastering our instruments. We spiced up the basement and created Basecamp, our very first own Home-Studio.”

After hours spent rehearsing, writing and re-recording it finally lead to their first release
Honesthttps://open.spotify.com/ album/ 5Az7xro3xLwroPkHYx9uWv?nd=1

Please welcome & enjoy the sonic relief of
Alec & Garfeild!


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